Re: Woody’s Knob 440 Analog repeater

This information is from Bob Rodgers.

73 de ka4hkk


From: Bob Rodgers <>
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2017 10:49:55 PM
To: ‘David Houser’; Steve Williams; EC Mitchell; Mike Travers; Marvin Hoffman; ‘Larry Deremus’; EC McDowell; Ed Muesch; EC Caldwell
Subject: Woody’s Knob 440 Analog repeater


Due to on-going noise and erratic uncontrolled keying, the 440 analog repeater on Woody’s Knob is off-air until further notice. 
We are not sure whether the problem is internal or external. 
When someone has enough time and the weather is better, we will try to determine the cause and
 repair it.


Woody’s is the hub for our Mitchell system, so Iowa and Locust will be operating as stand-alone repeaters until we can bring Woody’s back up.