Purchase of Raffle Tickets for Chance to Win 1 of 3 Radios

You will recall that Phillip Jenkins N4HF attended our June and July LARC meetings to seek our joining with the Road Show Amateur Radio Club in sponsoring a day at the Mountain State Fair in Asheville in September.  We, as a Club, will sponsor a day at the Fair on September 19.

At the meeting, Phillip mentioned that the Road Show Amateur Radio Club was selling tickets to raffle off three radios. Several members have asked for information on how to purchase a raffle ticket.  I have talked to Phillip N4HF and here is the scoop.

A total of 400 tickets will be sold at $20 each. The tickets went on sale in March, having been offered at area hamfests and local club meetings, approximately 200 are remaining. The tickets will be on sale at the Shelby Hamfest on September 5-6. The drawing will be held when all 400 tickets are sold.

The ticket price is $20 for one ticket, which gives the holder a shot at winning any of the three radios: Elecraft K3S/100, with tuner, factory built; Elecraft KX3, with tuner, factory built; or Yaesu 2M/440 HT (model number to be determined).  There will be three drawings – -the first ticket out of the pot gets first choice of the three radios, the second draw gets the choice of the other two radios, and the third draw gets the remaining radio.

If you wish to purchase a raffle ticket and don’t want to wait or don’t plan to attend the Shelby Hamfest, you can contact Phillip Jenkins N4HF at n4hf@gmail.com. Phillip will accept payment to his PayPal account (he will provide info to you when you email him) or you can send cash or check to Philip Jenkins N4HF PO Box 1253 Fairview NC 28730.  Checks should be made out to Road Show ARC.  You may also give your contact information and cash/check to me (Ro K4HRM) or one of the other Club members attending the Shelby Hamfest.  Fair rules do not allow the raffle tickets to be sold at the Mountain State Fair.