Picnic/Foxhunt RSVP by October 26th

Members of LARC decided to get the meat for the picnic from Hanna’s BBQ in Lenoir.  Just to remind you, the club will purchase the meat and drinks for the picnic.  Individual members are responsible for bringing sides and desserts.

The picnic will be Saturday the 28th of October at the Yadkin Valley Community Park (on 268 just before Fort Defiance).  We will plan on eating at 2:00 p.m.  Now that we know when and where we are having the picnic and what we are eating, we need to find
out who is coming so we will know how much food to order.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE COMING OR NOT so there won’t be any errors in ordering and to make sure you got the email.  If I don’t hear from you in a reply to this email, I will try to call
and find out.  Also, let me know how many besides you are coming.  If it is possible, please let me know what side or dessert you are bringing so I can let others know.  This way we can have a variety of sides and desserts to eat.  When you reply, use the
reply all option so others can see what you are bringing.

Frank Gordon, KN4ACU, has graciously invited to hide and hunt the “Fox” on his property which is about 2 miles away.  We had first decided to hunt it at the walking trail in Happy Valley but this might be a better option.  Don’t forget to bring an HT, and
any gadgets to make your hunt easier, with you.  If anyone has extra HTs please bring them in case someone doesn’t have one.

Since some of us are going to the Western Branch ARES meeting, we need some members to go to the park early to start setting up and put up our LARC signs.  The meeting should be over by 1:00 p.m.  And I have to pick up the food right after the meeting. 
I can get those signs to anyone wanting to go early.  

I think that is all.  Look forward to the fellowship!

73 de ka4hkk