AS the Emergency Coordinator for Caldwell County I have been approached to make a list of ARES/AUXCOMM members who are able and willing to deploy.  They want a list of who could deploy if activated either locally, branch or state.  Only people who are in
the AUXCOMM database will be asked to deploy on a state or branch level.  They have access to that list.  If you are in that database, and I haven’t notified you via email or phone, please contact me if you are able to go.  There are a few of us who plan on
going if we are asked.  Ro Maddox, K4HRM will be acting as Assistant EC for Caldwell County if I go.  Even if you aren’t an ARES or AUXCOMM member you may be able to help locally if asked.  Please let me or Ro know if you are available.  In any event, if the
weather here turns bad, monitor the Hibriten repeater, club repeater and DMR.


Thank you


Tom Land KA4HKK

Caldwell County EC