January 12, 2014


Our club members can usually be found on the following frequencies:

  • 146.625- 94.8 Club Repeater (N4LNR)
  • 147.330+ 141.3   Hibriten Mountain Repeater (KG4BCC)
  • 145.535  Simplex
  • 29.6  Simplex FM
  • 28.374  Simplex USB





Public Safety Frequencies

An excellent resource for frequencies and RF information is the Radio Reference Website. Caldwell County has a page here that maintains local frequencies and pertinent information. Be sure to check it out for the latest information about emergency services / business frequencies.


Amateur Radio Frequencies

Repeaterbook.com maintains an awesome list of amateur radio frequencies. On the last check, there were over 550 repeaters in North Carolina alone. Visit our area’s page here. You can search by band, digital mode, frequency, location, etc. A really valuable resource.



A “Net” is simply a group of ham radio operators who get together on the air, at a regular (scheduled) time and frequency. Nets are sort of like meetings that take place on the radio. They can be formal, with agendas and specific procedures to be followed (traffic nets and public service nets for example), or they can be informal like many local area nets where hams just get together to talk -frequently called Rag Chew Nets.

There are also special interest nets for such topics as specific brands of radios or specific facets of radio (like trader nets or short wave listeners nets). These nets may be formal or informal. Most nets have a Net Control Station (NCS) who directs the net, meaning that the NCS keeps track of the participants who “Check-In” and lets them know when it is their turn to speak.

Our club sponsors 2 nets each week.

  • Our club net is on our club repeater (146.625- PL 94.8) each Friday night at 9:00pm.
  • Our CARES (Caldwell Amateur Radio Emergency Service) net is held on the KG4BCC (Hibriten Mountain) repeater (147.330+ PL 141.3) Sunday nights at 9:00pm.

These nets are open and all radio amateurs are welcome to check in. Other nets in our area are listed below.

North Carolina HF NETS

NC ARRL NTS Nets – part of the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS):

  • NC Morning Net (the morning phone net) – daily at 7:45am on 3.927MHz
  • NC Evening Net (the evening phone net) – nightly at 6:30pm on 3.923MHz
  • Carolinas Net (early CW net) – nightly at 7:00pm on 3.573MHz
  • Carolinas Slow Net (slow CW net)- nightly at 8:00pm on 3.571MHz
  • Carolinas Net (late CW net) – nightly at 10:00pm on 3.573MHz

Other North Carolina HF nets:

  • Tar Heel Emergency Net – nightly at 7:30pm on 3.923MHz
  • QCWA Net – weekly on Saturday morning at 8:45am on 3.826MHz
    (The Quarter Century Wireless Association weekly get together.)


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