Field Day 2015


Planting guy wire stakes



The one that almost got away.

2015-06-27 07.42.30

Caldwell Community Emergency Response Team members setting up the climate controlled 12X16 shelter

IMG_20150627_071200 IMG_20150627_071205 IMG_20150627_071210 IMG_20150627_072630 IMG_20150627_072635 IMG_20150627_071121 IMG_20150627_093823 IMG_20150627_093819 IMG_20150627_081316 IMG_20150627_104234 IMG_20150627_104240 IMG_20150627_104328 IMG_20150627_104318 IMG_20150627_104213 IMG_20150627_231614 IMG_20150627_231913 IMG_20150628_110105 IMG_20150628_110113 IMG_20150628_110138 IMG_20150628_110145 IMG_20150628_135636 2015-06-27 07.42.57 2015-06-27 07.44.06 2015-06-27 08.12.11 HDR 2015-06-27 08.36.00 HDR 2015-06-27 10.05.19 2015-06-27 10.05.39 2015-06-27 14.16.16 2015-06-27 14.16.28 2015-06-27 14.16.37 2015-06-27 14.18.14 2015-06-27 14.19.03 2015-06-27 14.19.23 2015-06-27 14.19.26 2015-06-28 10.49.39 2015-06-28 11.35.46 2015-06-28 14.07.45 0628151319 IMG_20150627_081115 0628151326c IMG_20150627_205123 Had a great time at Field Day this year. Enjoyed the fellowship. I think we will end up with 948 contacts. 500 more bonus points this year than last year. Comm trailer and antenna trailers worked out great. Site visit by Served Agency Official and elected official for 200 bonus points. Alternate power message to SEC and education for the other 300 bonus points. Thanks to Kenneth Teague and CERT members for setting up the climate controlled, 12X16 shelter and for the use of Caldwell County EM generator and light tower. Paul Robinette-KD4OZI, ASEC of the Western Branch ARES/Auxcomm visited us on Saturday morning. Thank you Paul and your wife for taking pictures. We were also visited by N2ZZ-Dr Jim Boehner, the ARRL Roanoke Division Director, and his navigator Charlie-AE4UX. They started in Aiken SC then went to Myrtle Beach with other stops up the coast. They made a Westward turn on I-40, to the Foothills of NC, where the found us! Thanks to all who participated and made this FD another great event.

73 de ka4hkk