Christmas Dinner and Dirty Santa RSVP

Hey all

As we approach the holiday season, we spoke about the Christmas Dinner in the place of our December meeting, December 14th 2017.  We had some discussion on where to eat and decided on The Mayflower in Lenoir.  For those who haven’t been there, this is a
seafood restaurant.  We will reserve a place, if possible, in one of their meeting rooms.  So we need to know ASAP who will be coming.  We will meet at the restaurant at 6:00 p.m.

If you plan on participating in the Dirty Santa Gift exchange/takeaway, remember you have to bring a gift.  Don’t spend more than $10.00 if possible.  This is a lot of fun and surprise filled activity.  Some times it goes on for a long time with lots of
takeaways.  Other times it finishes with no dirty thieves taking your gifts away.

Please RSVP to me and let me know if you are coming or not.  We need a head count for the restaurant.  Let me know how many in your party too.  I will probably make the reservation in a week.

73 de ka4hkk