Catawba Valley Hamfest 2015

Here are some pictures of the 2015 Catawba Valley Hamfest.  There were approximately 460 attendees.  Vendors were pleased with the sales they made.  Many others in the building and the bone yard were buying and selling.  I head there were only 4 that took the VE exams and 50% passed.  One of them was one of my friends I worked with at Broyhill and Bernhardt.  He had been saying for years he wanted to get into “ham radio” .  Congratulations Jim Smith!  The weather was almost perfect.  I saw lots of friends and made new ones.  That is the way it should be at a hamfest.  You get a chance to make “eyeball” contact with those you speak to on the radio.  KA4HKK, Tom20150418_084101 20150418_084044 20150418_083950 20150418_083726 20150418_083620 20150418_083613 20150418_083523 20150418_083509 20150418_075709 The Wireman Michalene and James_LARC Prizes on Table From the Stage 2 20150418_090024 20150418_084238