Bug & Fix for Digital Modes

(Note: Before making this post, I asked 2 Club members to verify that this is a “real” issue and received confirmation.  Ro K4HRM).

There’s a bug with the USB audio chipset used in many ham radio sound interfaces that occurs in Windows Vista and later. The affected chipset is the TI PCM2900 series, pre-C revisions.  A non conclusive list of devices using this chip line are all Icoms with built in USB sound interfaces(7100/7200), all Kenwoods with built in usb sound interfaces (590), several Yaesus, the MicroHam USB III and all Signalinks.

If you use digital modes, please refer to the following link and also view the video to see if you need to take any action to improve your performance.


View video at https://youtu.be/guH0NMRRTAo