Re: Woody’s Knob 440 Analog repeater

This information is from Bob Rodgers. 73 de ka4hkk Tom From: Bob Rodgers <> Sent: Friday, March 17, 2017 10:49:55 PM To: ‘David Houser’; Steve Williams; EC Mitchell; Mike Travers; Marvin Hoffman; ‘Larry Deremus’; EC McDowell; Ed Muesch; EC Caldwell Subject: Woody’s Knob 440 Analog repeater   Due to on-going noise and erratic uncontrolled keying,[…]

Stand by for Fires

As you may know there was a fire on Zacks Fork RD last week.  I was told by the Assistant Emergency Management Director, Kenneth Teague, that if he had been able to call me, he would have asked for communications at a shelter and for traffic control.  As you know the fire danger is still[…]

Hazmat Exercise at Happy Valley School

The Lenoir Amateur Radio Club and Caldwell ARES and Auxcomm members participated in a Hazmat Exercise today at Happy Valley School.  CERT team members and others got made up to look like victims.  We provided communications from the Incident Command, both ends of Yadkin Valley Rd, mobile dispatch at the school and at the hospital. […]


AS the Emergency Coordinator for Caldwell County I have been approached to make a list of ARES/AUXCOMM members who are able and willing to deploy.  They want a list of who could deploy if activated either locally, branch or state.  Only people who are in the AUXCOMM database will be asked to deploy on a[…]

Field Day 2016 Supplies

This is the last email about Field Day Supplies.  I need to order this week before it all gets gone.  I have a few who have ordered.  You can send me an email again to make sure I have you on the list.  For those who are still making up your mind, order by Friday.[…]