Welcome to the Lenoir Amateur Radio Club! We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to public service and the promotion of amateur radio. Each month we meet on the 2nd Thursday at the Gamewell Fire Department's meeting room. Hope to see you there!

What is Amateur Radio?
  • Fire Life Safety Festival

    Fire Life Safety Festival

  • Field Day 2013

    Field Day 2013

Emergency Comms

Emergency Comms

Amateur Radio plays a vital role in emergencies. Amateur radio works without a complex infrastructure; making it a valuable resource in a disaster.
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Click here for links to software related to Ham Radio such as programming, radio control, HF digital, and logging.
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Here you will find information about getting licensed and also a collection of video tutorials on different subjects related to ham radio.
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Visit our Facebook page for up to the minute information on band conditions, club information, and other ham radio news.
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LARC at Lenoir Downtown Christmas Festival

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We had a pretty good turn out for the Christmas Festival.  It was a brisk 21 degrees when I arrived shortly before 8:00 a.m.  After Ted and Josh got there we quickly set up the canopy, tables and Irv’s 3 band vertical antenna.  We then put out the brochures and notepads followed by the hf and vhf/uhf stations.  As you can see Santa came by and we acted like little kids.  Santa used the hf station to call the North Pole and speak with his elves.  We were insured that Caldwell County residents had been good enough to receive Christmas gifts again this year.  Also stopping by was Conrad the Crawdad, the mascot for the Hickory Crawdads baseball team.  We offered to send ARRL Radiograms but had no takers.  Many people were interested in ham radio and we provided them with more information with the club’s contact information.

73 de ka4hkk, Tom

Test of club website posting with photos of Fire & Life Safey Festival

Fire & Life Safety Festival 2014 Fire & Life Safety Festival 2014 Fire & Life Safety Festival Fire & Life Safety Festival

Caldwell County NC Fire & Life Safety Festival 2014

Caldwell County NC Fire & Life Safety Festival 2014

Testing and learning how to send emails to email subscribers.

de ka4hkk


Lenoir Downtown Christmas Festival

Hey everyone
As you know the club is participating in the Lenoir Downtown Christmas Festival.  We hope to promote Ham radio as well as the club and CARES.  If you can help, please send me an email.  So far those helping are me, Ted, and Josh.  The festival is Nov. 22nd from 10:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Someone mentioned having small heaters at the last meeting but I didn’t write it down.  Pleas let me know if you have one (two would be great), and they should be gas fed if possible.  I will be bringing a canopy and the hf radio with power supply, drop cords, etc.  Does anyone have a length of wire approximately 30 to 40 feet long?  I could use that as an hf antenna.  Or Irv perhaps we could borrow your vertical antenna.  I think I could strap it to a leg of the canopy for support.  If someone would like to bring a 2 meter radio would be great, but we can use hts.  Josh is bringing 2 tables.  I will have all the brochures and notepads, and the club banner.  Ted and Josh we spoke about bringing our laptops.  I would like for one to show ham radio related videos.  One could be used to show various ham radio programs, such as logging programs and digital programs and a satellite tracking program.  Or one could be used for displaying practice tests and the Rules and Regulations for Amateur Radio, including the basis and purpose of Amateur Radio.  I will use mine for any digital or SSTV from the radio.  I have some videos I can put on a flash drive to transfer to one of your laptops.
I would also like to bring some ARRL Radiograms to see if anyone would like to try out the NTS.  It would be great if someone would stand by the radio and we could send some messages in real time during the event.  Let me know if you could help with that (don’t worry about accuracy, we will correct any errors later).  I am attaching some information about the Radiogram.
I have received an email from one of the coordinators of the festival stating I would receive more information this week.  As soon as I get it I will pass it on to you.
Dress warmly!
Whether you can participate or not, come on by and visit with us.
73 de ka4hkk

Consitution and Bylaws Now On Website

It was called to my attention at the last meeting that the constitution and bylaws were not on the website. You will find them under the Club Information page under the link Constitution/Bylaws.

If you have any questions regarding the website, please let me know.

Tanner, KK4SZI

Club Participates at Christmas Festival

The Lenoir Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the Lenoir downtown Christmas festival!

As people come from near and far, browsing Christmas wares while sipping Hot Chocolate, they will have an opportunity to learn about our favorite hobby; Amateur Radio.

If you would like to participate in the festivities, please contact Tom Land at thomasland@msn.com. Tom would be most grateful for your assistance (in the spirit of Christmas of course)!

2014 Christmas festival

New Avenue of Notifications

After consideration at the last meeting, we decided that there needed to be a single place to send club related news. The best idea was to house everything on the website so I have added the email addresses to our subscriber list. The emails have no way to be accessed except by admins so they are safe and not publicly viewable.

Look for notifications and other club emails to come through this avenue. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the contact us page.



October Meeting

The next meeting for LARC is October 9th 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Gamewell Fire Department.  It is time to nominate members for club officers for 2015.  We will be discussing the trailer work on both the communications trailer and the antenna trailer.  There will be an ARES meeting after the club meeting.  Anyone is welcome. 
73 de ka4hkk  Tom 

Fire & Life Safety Festival

 The Lenoir Amateur Radio Club and Caldwell ARES will have a booth at the Fire & Life Safety Festival on Saturday, Sept. 27th 2014.  Come by and visit with us.  There are lots of cool things going on there.  Check out the Caldwell County Fire & Life Safety Festival.  It runs from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
73 de ka4hkk

Club Meeting Tonight

Club meeting is tonight! See message from Ted below:

The LARC meeting for this month will be (Thursday 09/11) at 7pm at the Gamewell Fire Dept.  We’ve got several projects going on plus some events in the near future.  Lots of good stuff. Hope to see you there.

7 3



Club Net Tonight

Join us tonight for the Lenoir Amateur Radio Club net. If you need the frequencies check out or nets/frequencies page.